Andy HollenderCommunity Impact Coordinator

Hello! My name is Andy Hollender. I would like to you, and for you to become more familiar with our agency. I am the community impact coordinator for Step One Inc. Recovery Housing.

I have had the privilege of being an employee of Step One for about 2 years. My association with step one first started when I found myself really struggling with a alcohol addiction. I am an east coast transplant, and having only been in Phoenix for a few months I wasn’t sure where to go for help. I was referred to Step One and my life has changed drastically since then. They took me in and treated me like family, allowed me to focus and learn new things. They gave me a job, a safe sober place to live and food to eat. For this I am truly grateful.

Having been around for a couple years now, I have seen a tremendous amount of people come through these gates and get a second chance at life again. Some have gotten jobs, some have gotten their family’s back, and that is a direct result of Step One’s family atmosphere.

The Executive Director Joe Garcia has a passion for helping people which is infectious if you spend a little time here. This allows us to help someone who will in turn help someone else and keep the cycle of giving going. We provide the tools to help someone regain control of their life. A hot shower, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, linens, clothing, food all can help show someone that they have a purpose and give them the motivation to become a productive member of society.

Joe and I and the rest of the staff wanted to take the time to thank you all for what you do. For all the product we receive, for support, for providing our product to those you come in contact with and know needs help.

Community Impact

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Step One is a 501[c][3] non-profit corporation. We have been in operation since January of 2000. Our mission is to introduce a twelve -step based program to a newly sober individual in a clean, safe environment.


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